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Favorites, Mark Condon

Favorites (2012)

10 of your favorite songs from the past 15 years!

I Came To Magnify, Lord We Give You Glory, To The Throne, Obvious, Worship The King, Feel The Joy, Forever, We Lift You Up, I Will Sing, Rain Lord + "Cover Me"

Glorious Noel, Mark Condon, Christmas

Glorious Noel (2011)

Hitting #2 on the iTunes chart for all Christmas albums sold, this exciting Soulful Celebration of Christmas project will put you right into the season and into His glorious presence. This is a must for your church this coming season. You can easily pull out individual songs or do the entire presentation. There are Tracks, Media Slides, Part Helps, Sheet Music, Orchestrations and more in the iClub.

Glorious Noel, Mark Condon, Christmas

Glorious Noel (2011)

Gloria (feat. Shara McKee)
Gloria (Reprise)
Gloria (feat. Shara McKee)
Gloria (Reprise)
Celebrate The First Noel
The First Noel (feat. Shara McKee & Ryan Johns)
Here I Am (feat. Stephanie Condon Hearnsberger)
Worship Medley (feat. Farrah Easter Newton, Shara McKee & Mark Condon)
O Mighty King
Go Tell It On the Mountain (feat. Farrah Easter Newton)
Go Tell It (Reprise)
Jesus Came (feat. Farrah Easter Newton & Ryan Johns)
Gloria - Finale

Take This City, Mark Condon

Take This City (2010)

This recording is a Live…worship experience with Mark Condon and the Turnpoint Choir & Worship Team. Topping the iTunes chart at #14 for most downloaded song “I Still Believe”, you will find this a powerful tool for your personal walk with God and for your church. It will be a blessing! There are Tracks, Part Helps, Sheet Music, Orchestrations and more in the iClub.

Take This City, Mark Condon

Take This City (2010)

You're Our God
We Will Overcome
No Other Name
Fall Down On Us
Holy Lamb of God
Full and Running Over
Take This City
I Still Believe
Tis So Sweet
I Feel Heaven In This Place

Stand Up, Mark Condon

Stand Up

This project is a studio project with a collaboration of amazing talented worship leader friends and useable simple yet dynamic tunes that will take you "To the Throne Room." There are Tracks, Part Helps, Sheet Music, Orchestrations and more in the iClub.

Stand Up, Mark Condon

Stand Up

I'm Redeemed
All the Glory
Overwhelm Me
Stand Up
You Are Welcome
We Will Go
God Is
Speak to Your Mountain
Did You Know
He's Alive
To the Throne
Once Again

Worship The King, Mark Condon

Worship The King

This recording has become one of our best selling projects with songs that will usher you into the presence of God one minute and have you dancing around the room in the next. We hope you enjoy! There are Tracks, Part Helps, Sheet Music, Orchestrations and more in the iClub.

Worship The King, Mark Condon

Worship The King

Rain Lord
I Want to Praise You
You Are Amazing
Worship the King
You Are Lord
Dance Before You
I Worship You
The Best Thing
I Feel Your Presence
We Give You
We Need You

Obvious, Mark Condon


Mark and the Worship Team of Turnpoint deliver an extraordinary LIVE experience with this project released through Brentwood-Benson Publishing. You will find yourself consumed from the very first song empowering you to worship. Get ready to have church!

Obvious Kids Praise, Mark Condon

Obvious Kid's Praise

Kids normally want to sing “Big People’s” songs but with more hip music and in their keys. So we have taken many of our songs from previous years and hired some of the most amazing musicians to bring you this incredible collection for your children’s ministry. Click on just one tune and you will see what we mean!!!

Magnify, Mark Condon, Christmas


This debut Christmas release, proved to be a great hit around the world! Once you listen you will see why churches from everywhere have performed songs from this project. Featured on “Good Morning America,” “ABC TV” and around the world, this will send your church into seasonal bliss and most of all into the presence of our GOD!

Worship From a Sinsere Heart, Mark Condon


“I Will Sing” is a song that is used in churches all around the world. This studio project is full of great hits for your church and your own personal prayer and devotion time. It is probably not wise to listen to this project in small confined areas for any length of time!!!

Feel The Joy, Mark Condon

Feel The Joy

You are about to enter the “Worship Zone” when you purchase this project. Songs like “Feel the Joy” have been sung in camp meetings, revival services, crusades and worship services everywhere. Mark and the Turnpoint Choir recorded this LIVE…and you can feel the energy from song one!


Glorify, Mark Condon

If you are looking for great choir tunes you definitely want to add this project to your library. Loaded with powerful anthems and upbeat gospel tunes, this LIVE recording will excite your choir and church and take them to a new level!

House Of Praise, Mark Condon

House of Praise

This Brentwood-Benson Music release is a culmination of many great tunes for every worship leader to have. This is the follow up to the “We Are Here to Worship You” project.

Marvelous Things, Mark Condon

Marvelous Things

With over 41,000 units sold the very first month it was released hitting #2 on the Billboard Charts! This was Mark’s debut release with Integrity Music. Sold in over 160 different nations this LIVE recording has and still is ministering to churches globally. Click on the tunes and you will easily see that this needs to be a part of your music library.

Give Him The Praise, Mark Condon

Give Him The Praise

This was the second project recorded with Brentwood-Benson Music. This LIVE recording with songs like “We Lift You Up” and “We Are Here to Worship You” have proven to be powerful tunes that you will definitely want to sing in your church. If you are looking for great choir and worship material then start right here.

We Are Here To Worship You, Mark Codnon

We Are Here To Worship You

This Brentwood-Benson release was the debut for a collaborative release of many great simple and doable worship tunes. The goal here was to provide the Worship Leader with songs that engage the congregation. When you purchase this project you will find this to be a homerun for your church.

Lord We Give You Glory ,Mark Condon

Lord We Give You Glory

In 1997 we released this debut recording with Brentwood-Benson Music that started the whole industry journey for Worship Leader Mark Condon. With songs like “I Came to Magnify,” “Lord We Give You Glory,” “The Lord Will Bring You Out” and many others that are still being sung today in churches all around the world. If you want to jumpstart your choir then you need this project. We encourage you to see how it all started by downloading this CD!

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