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Mark CondonThank you for stopping by our website. It is exciting to know that we have friends from all around the world who take the time to check out our ministry. I am grateful for the prayers, support and kind words that many of you have given to our ministry throughout the years. Life has a way of bringing us to our destiny and many of you have had a hand in that.

Our latest CD, "Glorious Noel," has just been released for this Christmas season. We hope that you will find this a great resource for you and your team for many years to come. Also, our latest non seasonal CD, "Take This City," is a project full of useable tunes from worship to choir material. It is all accessible and available for you to download. For years now I have enjoyed many awesome, God-given opportunities to record with different companies, artists, and choirs in a variety of venues.

Over the past few years we have launched a new way to help the local church music ministry. The iClub! For Only $11.95 per month we will send you, via the Internet, our latest music on the first of each month. We have also partnered with Dove Award arranger, J. Daniel Smith, along with gifted writers to bring you fresh, new and diverse styles of music each month. We intend to continue to grow this resource as our membership continues to grow. We are so excited about all of you who have become our new friends along with the many Worship Pastors from all around the world that allow us to serve them every month! If you are not a subscriber to the iClub, we'd be honored for you to take a few moments to check it out at Mark Condon iClub.com.

I feel overwhelmed with gratitude for all of you that have purchased, sung, recorded, worshipped, or even just listened to our music. My life is fulfilled because of you and the support that you offer to our ministry.

May God richly bless you,

Mark Condon

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